The game has since received engine improvements, new content, and quality of life. .

A high-ranking member of the Zarosian Empire, Vardorvis succumbed to the Strangler parasite and has remained under its control ever since, where the player encounters it during Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire. They can be found primarily in the Kandarin region, being most common in the Tree Gnome Village, Tree Gnome Stronghold, and Battlefield of Khazard.

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The subquests range in difficulty from very easy to very hard. It sees secondary usage in the Crafting skill. Upon entering your RuneScape display name into the field below, rows of completed quests will be highlighted in green.

In the quest, the player forms an alliance with the Mahjarrat Hazeel and General Khazard to try and solve the case of the sudden murder of Sir Ceril Carnillean, ultimately leading to an ancient prison deep beneath Weiss. You can favourite specific items, so that they appear on your Favourites page. Old School RuneScape (sometimes referred to as 2007scape) is Jagex's official term for a previous version of the RuneScape game that was introduced from a backup of the RuneScape source code as it had been on 10 August 2007. We are a wiki focused on Old School RuneScape, the official term for a backup revision of RuneScapefrom August 2007. You can favourite specific items, so that they appear on your Favourites page.

Some skills are "interlaced", meaning that they can be used together. The starting locations for all quests are labelled with a blue compass icon on the minimap, and completing them can provide rewards ranging from experience and items, to access to new areas, minigames and miniquests There are a total of 20 free-to-play quests in Old School RuneScape, offering a total of 42 quest points. ….

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They are capable of hitting high and accurately for their combat levels, although most of the damage can be mitigated with a charged bracelet of ethereum. For the statue, see Giant Dwarf (statue).

By speaking to one of the Guild Hunters in the Burrow, players are tasked to investigate a rumour involving a specific hunter creature. Dwarves are a race characterised by their short stature and love of mining and beer. These can be taken on in any order the player (s) choose to do so.

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